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Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance Key Pages:

Warfare & Deliverance Books
Free Spiritual warfare book 1
Christian Deliverance book 1
D. & Spiritual warfare book 2
D. & Spiritual warfare book 3
D. & Spiritual warfare book 4
The Blood of Jesus book 5

More Warfare & Deliverance:
Warfare & Deliverance articles
Other warfare sites & resources
Christian warfare old time classics
Warfare & Deliverance Posting
 Warfare audio sermons, MP3
 Occult Deliverance & healing

Biblical spiritual warfare [2]3]
Deliverance & healing [2]3]4]5]6]7]
Deliverance and healing basics [2]
Spiritual healing & deliverance
Social healing & deliverance
Financial deliverance & healing
Physical healing principles
Healing the wounded spirit
God’s plan B in storms of life
The Blood of Jesus [2]3]4]
Deliverance ministry work
Territorial spirits  [2]3
Breaking family curses
Breaking generational curses

Breaking spiritual strongholds
Breaking occult spells +protection
Spiritual armor & weapons [2|3|4]
Sword of the spirit - Bible [2]3]
Demonic possession [2]
Demonic influence [2]
Demonic attacks [2]
Casting out demons [2]
Binding and loosing [2]3]4]5]
Binding the strong man [2]3]
Confusion on spiritual warfare [2]
Deliverance ministry confusion [2]

Rebuking demons and Satan [2]
Spirit of bondage Vs adoption
Biblical prayer and fasting 
Spiritual warfare prayer [2]
Spiritual warfare scripture [2|3]4]
Biblical Financial Freedom

Christian Living & Growth
Christian Audio Sermons MP3

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Links to other websites revealing true and false spiritual warfare


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Partner Websites

Christian Audio Sermons MP3

Breaking generational curses

Demonbuster website with Jesus as the demon Buster

Shepherd Serve
Ministry webiste of Pastor David Kirkwood, author of (among other books) Modern Myths about Satan and Spiritual Warfare

Refuge Ministries
Refuge Ministries is a ministry with the purpose of reaching those that are involved in the occult, Satanism, Wicca and witchcraft. Refuge Ministries is headed by Jeff Harshbarger a former Satanist now follower of Jesus Christ. Refuge Ministries offers resources, Biblical counseling and the site contains well balanced articles on the various practices of the occult.

Bethel Orphanage Ministry at Zambian.com/Bethel
A Christian charity fighting poverty, AIDS and other challenges in Kafue, Zambia, Africa.

ChildHope, Zambia at Zambian.com/ChildHope-Zambia
Another Christian charity fighting poverty, AIDS and other challenges in Zambia, Africa.

Has a few links to gospel resources, including JesusWork.org.

Zambian Online - Zambian.com
All about Zambia, people of Zambia, our culture, lifestyle, history, news, etc. A Zambian website with online resources for Zambians & all people. Connecting globally, promoting charity, education, business, safari & tourism, music, etc.- including Christian resources.

Gondwe Online - Gondwe.com
Sister site to Zambian.com. A people network and resource website with free photo albums, free stuff, games, local & world news, etc. - including Christian resources.

The Harvard Soul at TheHarvard.com
The Harvard Soul, an online association for Harvard University students, faculty, Harvard alumni and Harvard community involved in nonprofit & charity work, foundations, philanthropy and public sector. A people network striving beyond mind and body to make a difference.

Friendly Corner Convenience Store - FriendlyCorner.com
A warm neighborhood store in Cambridge (North Cambridge), Massachusetts. It’s 2 miles from Harvard Square, right on Massachusetts Avenue. Eric is administering the website. The store is a worthy visit whenever you’re in Cambridge.


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