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1 Kings 6

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1KINGS 6:1 And it cometh to pass, in the four hundred and eightieth year of the going out of the sons of Israel from the land of Egypt, in the fourth year -- in the month of Zif, it `is' the second month -- of the reigning of Solomon over Israel, that he buildeth the house for Jehovah.
1KINGS 6:2 As to the house that king Solomon hath built for Jehovah, sixty cubits `is' its length, and twenty its breadth, and thirty cubits its height.
1KINGS 6:3 As to the porch on the front of the temple of the house, twenty cubits `is' its length on the front of the breadth of the house; ten by the cubit `is' its breadth on the front of the house;
1KINGS 6:4 and he maketh for the house windows of narrow lights.
1KINGS 6:5 And he buildeth against the wall of the house a couch round about, `even' the walls of the house round about, of the temple and of the oracle, and maketh sides round about.
1KINGS 6:6 The lowest couch, five by the cubit `is' its breadth; and the middle, six by the cubit `is' its breadth; and the third, seven by the cubit `is' its breadth, for withdrawings he hath put to the house round about, without -- not to lay hold on the walls of the house.
1KINGS 6:7 And the house, in its being built, of perfect stone brought `thither' hath been built, and hammer, and the axe -- any instrument of iron -- was not heard in the house, in its being built.
1KINGS 6:8 The opening of the middle side `is' at the right shoulder of the house, and with windings they go up on the middle one, and from the middle one unto the third.
1KINGS 6:9 And he buildeth the house, and completeth it, and covereth the house `with' beams and rows of cedars.
1KINGS 6:10 And he buildeth the couch against all the house, five cubits `is' its height, and it taketh hold of the house by cedar-wood.
1KINGS 6:11 And the word of Jehovah is unto Solomon, saying,
1KINGS 6:12 `This house that thou art building -- if thou dost walk in My statutes, and My judgments dost do, yea, hast done all My commands, to walk in them, then I have established My word with thee, which I spake unto David thy father,
1KINGS 6:13 and have tabernacled in the midst of the sons of Israel, and do not forsake My people Israel.'
1KINGS 6:14 And Solomon buildeth the house and completeth it;
1KINGS 6:15 and he buildeth the walls of the house within with beams of cedar, from the floor of the house unto the walls of the ceiling; he hath overlaid with wood the inside, and covereth the floor of the house with ribs of fir.
1KINGS 6:16 And he buildeth the twenty cubits on the sides of the house with ribs of cedar, from the floor unto the walls; and he buildeth for it within, for the oracle, for the holy of holies.
1KINGS 6:17 And forty by the cubit was the house, it `is' the temple before `it'.
1KINGS 6:18 And the cedar for the house within `is' carvings of knobs and openings of flowers; the whole `is' cedar, there is not a stone seen.
1KINGS 6:19 And the oracle in the midst of the house within he hath prepared, to put there the ark of the covenant of Jehovah.
1KINGS 6:20 And before the oracle `is' twenty cubits in length, and twenty cubits in breadth, and twenty cubits `is' its height; and he overlayeth it with gold refined, and overlayeth the altar with cedar.
1KINGS 6:21 And Solomon overlayeth the house within with gold refined, and causeth `it' to pass over in chains of gold before the oracle, and overlayeth it with gold.
1KINGS 6:22 And the whole of the house he hath overlaid with gold, till the completion of all the house; and the whole of the altar that the oracle hath, he hath overlaid with gold.
1KINGS 6:23 And he maketh within the oracle two cherubs, of the oil-tree, ten cubits `is' their height;
1KINGS 6:24 and five cubits `is' the one wing of the cherub, and five cubits the second wing of the cherub, ten cubits from the ends of its wings even unto the ends of its wings;
1KINGS 6:25 and ten by the cubit `is' the second cherub, one measure and one form `are' to the two cherubs,
1KINGS 6:26 the height of the one cherub `is' ten by the cubit, and so `is' the second cherub;
1KINGS 6:27 and he setteth the cherubs in the midst of the inner house, and they spread out the wings of the cherubs, and a wing of the one cometh against the wall, and a wing of the second cherub is coming against the second wall, and their wings `are' unto the midst of the house, coming wing against wing;
1KINGS 6:28 and he overlayeth the cherubs with gold,
1KINGS 6:29 and all the walls of the house round about he hath carved with openings of carvings, cherubs, and palm trees, and openings of flowers, within and without.
1KINGS 6:30 And the floor of the house he hath overlaid with gold, within and without;
1KINGS 6:31 as to the opening of the oracle, he made doors of the oil-tree; the lintel, side-posts, a fifth.
1KINGS 6:32 And the two doors `are' of the oil-tree, and he hath carved upon them carvings of cherubs, and palm-trees, and openings of flowers, and overlaid with gold, and he causeth the gold to go down on the cherubs and on the palm-trees.
1KINGS 6:33 And so he hath made for the opening of the temple, side-posts of the oil-tree, from the fourth.
1KINGS 6:34 And the two doors `are' of fir-tree, the two sides of the one door are revolving, and the two hangings of the second door are revolving.
1KINGS 6:35 And he hath carved cherubs, and palms, and openings of flowers, and overlaid with straightened gold the graved work.
1KINGS 6:36 And he buildeth the inner court, three rows of hewn work, and a row of beams of cedar.
1KINGS 6:37 In the fourth year hath the house of Jehovah been founded, in the month Zif,
1KINGS 6:38 and in the eleventh year, in the month Bul -- `that is' the eighth month -- hath the house been finished in all its matters, and in all its ordinances, and he buildeth it seven years.


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