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Galatians 4

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GAL 4:1 And I say, so long time as the heir is a babe, he differeth nothing from a servant -- being lord of all,
GAL 4:2 but is under tutors and stewards till the time appointed of the father,
GAL 4:3 so also we, when we were babes, under the elements of the world were in servitude,
GAL 4:4 and when the fulness of time did come, God sent forth His Son, come of a woman, come under law,
GAL 4:5 that those under law he may redeem, that the adoption of sons we may receive;
GAL 4:6 and because ye are sons, God did send forth the spirit of His Son into your hearts, crying, `Abba, Father!'
GAL 4:7 so that thou art no more a servant, but a son, and if a son, also an heir of God through Christ.
GAL 4:8 But then, indeed, not having known God, ye were in servitude to those not by nature gods,
GAL 4:9 and now, having known God -- and rather being known by God -- how turn ye again unto the weak and poor elements to which anew ye desire to be in servitude?
GAL 4:10 days ye observe, and months, and times, and years!
GAL 4:11 I am afraid of you, lest in vain I did labour toward you.
GAL 4:12 Become as I `am' -- because I also `am' as ye brethren, I beseech you; to me ye did no hurt,
GAL 4:13 and ye have known that through infirmity of the flesh I did proclaim good news to you at the first,
GAL 4:14 and my trial that `is' in my flesh ye did not despise nor reject, but as a messenger of God ye did receive me -- as Christ Jesus;
GAL 4:15 what then was your happiness? for I testify to you, that if possible, your eyes having plucked out, ye would have given to me;
GAL 4:16 so that your enemy have I become, being true to you?
GAL 4:17 they are zealous for you -- `yet' not well, but they wish to shut us out, that for them ye may be zealous;
GAL 4:18 and `it is' good to be zealously regarded, in what is good, at all times, and not only in my being present with you;
GAL 4:19 my little children, of whom again I travail in birth, till Christ may be formed in you,
GAL 4:20 and I was wishing to be present with you now, and to change my voice, because I am in doubt about you.
GAL 4:21 Tell me, ye who are willing to be under law, the law do ye not hear?
GAL 4:22 for it hath been written, that Abraham had two sons, one by the maid-servant, and one by the free-woman,
GAL 4:23 but he who `is' of the maid-servant, according to flesh hath been, and he who `is' of the free-woman, through the promise;
GAL 4:24 which things are allegorized, for these are the two covenants: one, indeed, from mount Sinai, to servitude bringing forth, which is Hagar;
GAL 4:25 for this Hagar is mount Sinai in Arabia, and doth correspond to the Jerusalem that now `is', and is in servitude with her children,
GAL 4:26 and the Jerusalem above is the free-woman, which is mother of us all,
GAL 4:27 for it hath been written, `Rejoice, O barren, who art not bearing; break forth and cry, thou who art not travailing, because many `are' the children of the desolate -- more than of her having the husband.'
GAL 4:28 And we, brethren, as Isaac, are children of promise,
GAL 4:29 but as then he who was born according to the flesh did persecute him according to the spirit, so also now;
GAL 4:30 but what saith the Writing? `Cast forth the maid-servant and her son, for the son of the maid-servant may not be heir with the son of the free-woman;'
GAL 4:31 then, brethren, we are not a maid-servant's children, but the free-woman's.


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