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Proverbs 27

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PROV 27:1 Boast not thyself of to-morrow, For thou knowest not what a day bringeth forth.
PROV 27:2 Let another praise thee, and not thine own mouth, A stranger, and not thine own lips.
PROV 27:3 A stone `is' heavy, and the sand `is' heavy, And the anger of a fool Is heavier than they both.
PROV 27:4 Fury `is' fierce, and anger `is' overflowing, And who standeth before jealousy?
PROV 27:5 Better `is' open reproof than hidden love.
PROV 27:6 Faithful are the wounds of a lover, And abundant the kisses of an enemy.
PROV 27:7 A satiated soul treadeth down a honeycomb, And `to' a hungry soul every bitter thing `is' sweet.
PROV 27:8 As a bird wandering from her nest, So `is' a man wandering from his place.
PROV 27:9 Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart, And the sweetness of one's friend -- from counsel of the soul.
PROV 27:10 Thine own friend, and the friend of thy father, forsake not, And the house of thy brother enter not In a day of thy calamity, Better `is' a near neighbour than a brother afar off.
PROV 27:11 Be wise, my son, and rejoice my heart. And I return my reproacher a word.
PROV 27:12 The prudent hath seen the evil, he is hidden, The simple have passed on, they are punished.
PROV 27:13 Take his garment, when a stranger hath been surety, And for a strange woman pledge it.
PROV 27:14 Whoso is saluting his friend with a loud voice, In the morning rising early, A light thing it is reckoned to him.
PROV 27:15 A continual dropping in a day of rain, And a woman of contentions are alike,
PROV 27:16 Whoso is hiding her hath hidden the wind, And the ointment of his right hand calleth out.
PROV 27:17 Iron by iron is sharpened, And a man sharpens the face of his friend.
PROV 27:18 The keeper of a fig-tree eateth its fruit, And the preserver of his master is honoured.
PROV 27:19 As `in' water the face `is' to face, So the heart of man to man.
PROV 27:20 Sheol and destruction are not satisfied, And the eyes of man are not satisfied.
PROV 27:21 A refining pot `is' for silver, and a furnace for gold, And a man according to his praise.
PROV 27:22 If thou dost beat the foolish in a mortar, Among washed things -- with a pestle, His folly turneth not aside from off him.
PROV 27:23 Know well the face of thy flock, Set thy heart to the droves,
PROV 27:24 For riches `are' not to the age, Nor a crown to generation and generation.
PROV 27:25 Revealed was the hay, and seen the tender grass, And gathered the herbs of mountains.
PROV 27:26 Lambs `are' for thy clothing, And the price of the field `are' he-goats,
PROV 27:27 And a sufficiency of goats' milk `is' for thy bread, For bread to thy house, and life to thy damsels!


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