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Romans 14

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ROM 14:1 And him who is weak in the faith receive ye -- not to determinations of reasonings;
ROM 14:2 one doth believe that he may eat all things -- and he who is weak doth eat herbs;
ROM 14:3 let not him who is eating despise him who is not eating: and let not him who is not eating judge him who is eating, for God did receive him.
ROM 14:4 Thou -- who art thou that art judging another's domestic? to his own master he doth stand or fall; and he shall be made to stand, for God is able to make him stand.
ROM 14:5 One doth judge one day above another, and another doth judge every day `alike'; let each in his own mind be fully assured.
ROM 14:6 He who is regarding the day, to the Lord he doth regard `it', and he who is not regarding the day, to the Lord he doth not regard `it'. He who is eating, to the Lord he doth eat, for he doth give thanks to God; and he who is not eating, to the Lord he doth not eat, and doth give thanks to God.
ROM 14:7 For none of us to himself doth live, and none to himself doth die;
ROM 14:8 for both, if we may live, to the Lord we live; if also we may die, to the Lord we die; both then if we may live, also if we may die, we are the Lord's;
ROM 14:9 for because of this Christ both died and rose again, and lived again, that both of dead and of living he may be Lord.
ROM 14:10 And thou, why dost thou judge thy brother? or again, thou, why dost thou set at nought thy brother? for we shall all stand at the tribunal of the Christ;
ROM 14:11 for it hath been written, `I live! saith the Lord -- to Me bow shall every knee, and every tongue shall confess to God;'
ROM 14:12 so, then, each of us concerning himself shall give reckoning to God;
ROM 14:13 no longer, therefore, may we judge one another, but this judge ye rather, not to put a stumbling-stone before the brother, or an offence.
ROM 14:14 I have known, and am persuaded, in the Lord Jesus, that nothing `is' unclean of itself, except to him who is reckoning anything to be unclean -- to that one `it is' unclean;
ROM 14:15 and if through victuals thy brother is grieved, no more dost thou walk according to love; do not with thy victuals destroy that one for whom Christ died.
ROM 14:16 Let not, then, your good be evil spoken of,
ROM 14:17 for the reign of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit;
ROM 14:18 for he who in these things is serving the Christ, `is' acceptable to God and approved of men.
ROM 14:19 So, then, the things of peace may we pursue, and the things of building up one another;
ROM 14:20 for the sake of victuals cast not down the work of God; all things, indeed, `are' pure, but evil `is' to the man who is eating through stumbling.
ROM 14:21 Right `it is' not to eat flesh, nor to drink wine, nor to `do anything' in which thy brother doth stumble, or is made to fall, or is weak.
ROM 14:22 Thou hast faith! to thyself have `it' before God; happy is he who is not judging himself in what he doth approve,
ROM 14:23 and he who is making a difference, if he may eat, hath been condemned, because `it is' not of faith; and all that `is' not of faith is sin.


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