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Job 26

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JOB 26:1 And Job answereth and saith: --
JOB 26:2 What -- thou hast helped the powerless, Saved an arm not strong!
JOB 26:3 What -- thou hast given counsel to the unwise, And wise plans in abundance made known.
JOB 26:4 With whom hast thou declared words? And whose breath came forth from thee?
JOB 26:5 The Rephaim are formed, Beneath the waters, also their inhabitants.
JOB 26:6 Naked `is' Sheol over-against Him, And there is no covering to destruction.
JOB 26:7 Stretching out the north over desolation, Hanging the earth upon nothing,
JOB 26:8 Binding up the waters in His thick clouds, And the cloud is not rent under them.
JOB 26:9 Taking hold of the face of the throne, Spreading over it His cloud.
JOB 26:10 A limit He hath placed on the waters, Unto the boundary of light with darkness.
JOB 26:11 Pillars of the heavens do tremble, And they wonder because of His rebuke.
JOB 26:12 By His power He hath quieted the sea, And by His understanding smitten the proud.
JOB 26:13 By His Spirit the heavens He beautified, Formed hath His hand the fleeing serpent.
JOB 26:14 Lo, these `are' the borders of His way, And how little a matter is heard of Him, And the thunder of His might Who doth understand?


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