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Job 36

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JOB 36:1 And Elihu addeth and saith: --
JOB 36:2 Honour me a little, and I shew thee, That yet for God `are' words.
JOB 36:3 I lift up my knowledge from afar, And to my Maker I ascribe righteousness.
JOB 36:4 For, truly, my words `are' not false, The perfect in knowledge `is' with thee.
JOB 36:5 Lo, God `is' mighty, and despiseth not, Mighty `in' power `and' heart.
JOB 36:6 He reviveth not the wicked, And the judgment of the poor appointeth;
JOB 36:7 He withdraweth not from the righteous His eyes, And `from' kings on the throne, And causeth them to sit for ever, and they are high,
JOB 36:8 And if prisoners in fetters They are captured with cords of affliction,
JOB 36:9 Then He declareth to them their work, And their transgressions, Because they have become mighty,
JOB 36:10 And He uncovereth their ear for instruction, And saith that they turn back from iniquity.
JOB 36:11 If they do hear and serve, They complete their days in good, And their years in pleasantness.
JOB 36:12 And if they do not hearken, By the dart they pass away, And expire without knowledge.
JOB 36:13 And the profane in heart set the face, They cry not when He hath bound them.
JOB 36:14 Their soul dieth in youth, And their life among the defiled.
JOB 36:15 He draweth out the afflicted in his affliction, And uncovereth in oppression their ear.
JOB 36:16 And also He moved thee from a strait place, `To' a broad place -- no straitness under it, And the sitting beyond of thy table Hath been full of fatness.
JOB 36:17 And the judgment of the wicked thou hast fulfilled, Judgment and justice are upheld -- because of fury,
JOB 36:18 Lest He move thee with a stroke, And the abundance of an atonement turn thee not aside.
JOB 36:19 Doth He value thy riches? He hath gold, and all the forces of power.
JOB 36:20 Desire not the night, For the going up of peoples in their stead.
JOB 36:21 Take heed -- do not turn unto iniquity, For on this thou hast fixed Rather than `on' affliction.
JOB 36:22 Lo, God doth sit on high by His power, Who `is' like Him -- a teacher?
JOB 36:23 Who hath appointed unto Him his way? And who said, `Thou hast done iniquity?'
JOB 36:24 Remember that thou magnify His work That men have beheld.
JOB 36:25 All men have looked on it, Man looketh attentively from afar.
JOB 36:26 Lo, God `is' high, And we know not the number of His years, Yea, there `is' no searching.
JOB 36:27 When He doth diminish droppings of the waters, They refine rain according to its vapour,
JOB 36:28 Which clouds do drop, They distil on man abundantly.
JOB 36:29 Yea, doth `any' understand The spreadings out of a cloud? The noises of His tabernacle?
JOB 36:30 Lo, He hath spread over it His light, And the roots of the sea He hath covered,
JOB 36:31 For by them He doth judge peoples, He giveth food in abundance.
JOB 36:32 By two palms He hath covered the light, And layeth a charge over it in meeting,
JOB 36:33 He sheweth by it `to' his friend substance, Anger against perversity.


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