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Job 4

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JOB 4:1 And Eliphaz the Temanite answereth and saith: --
JOB 4:2 Hath one tried a word with thee? -- Thou art weary! And to keep in words who is able?
JOB 4:3 Lo, thou hast instructed many, And feeble hands thou makest strong.
JOB 4:4 The stumbling one do thy words raise up, And bowing knees thou dost strengthen.
JOB 4:5 But now, it cometh in unto thee, And thou art weary; It striketh unto thee, and thou art troubled.
JOB 4:6 Is not thy reverence thy confidence? Thy hope -- the perfection of thy ways?
JOB 4:7 Remember, I pray thee, Who, being innocent, hath perished? And where have the upright been cut off?
JOB 4:8 As I have seen -- ploughers of iniquity, And sowers of misery, reap it!
JOB 4:9 From the breath of God they perish, And from the spirit of His anger consumed.
JOB 4:10 The roaring of a lion, And the voice of a fierce lion, And teeth of young lions have been broken.
JOB 4:11 An old lion is perishing without prey, And the whelps of the lioness do separate.
JOB 4:12 And unto me a thing is secretly brought, And receive doth mine ear a little of it.
JOB 4:13 In thoughts from visions of the night, In the falling of deep sleep on men,
JOB 4:14 Fear hath met me, and trembling, And the multitude of my bones caused to fear.
JOB 4:15 And a spirit before my face doth pass, Stand up doth the hair of my flesh;
JOB 4:16 It standeth, and I discern not its aspect, A similitude `is' over-against mine eyes, Silence! and a voice I hear:
JOB 4:17 `Is mortal man than God more righteous? Than his Maker is a man cleaner?
JOB 4:18 Lo, in His servants He putteth no credence, Nor in His messengers setteth praise.'
JOB 4:19 Also -- the inhabitants of houses of clay, (Whose foundation `is' in the dust, They bruise them before a moth.)
JOB 4:20 From morning to evening are beaten down, Without any regarding, for ever they perish.
JOB 4:21 Hath not their excellency been removed with them? They die, and not in wisdom!


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